This is Vic was started by a group of people just like you; entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, all sharing a vision to keep our city as strange, beautiful and unique as we like it.


It’s time to challenge the notion of “newly-wed and nearly dead”, Victoria has grown well beyond this expired vision of the past, This Is Vic celebrates the way we all walk to the beat of our own drum - yoga pants, hipsters and all.


There’s a lot of our city to love, take the shipyard and blend with local tech startups, gently mix in the classic elements that brought us to where we are and add your favourite hideaway; Victoria is more than where you live and work, it’s where you make memories.

Let’s Work Together.

This Is Vic is a city-wide collaborative project, and we need your help. Share the reasons you love Victoria by posting pictures and comments on the #thisisVIC Facebook page. Use #thisisVIC when tweeting about awesome things you do, see or love about this gem of a city. Come to one of our events or host your own - this is your Victoria

What People Are Saying
  • I know that Victoria is so much more than what people perceive... And I can't WAIT for them to meet the real Victoria.

  • The best cities in the world have unique identities... we're one of them.

  • We're so lucky to live here. It's almost like Canada's best kept secret. Not anymore... Look out World - we are Victoria.

  • You might come to Victoria for flowers, orcas and tea. You stay for the innovation, the imagination and the overall quality of life.

  • If I knew that I would never have to sit in traffic again, I would have moved here decades ago.